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6th January 2022

Results Updating now Working

Results are now updating.

Sincerely, the Race Ratings Team..

30th December 2021

Results Updating

Due to unforseen circumstances, since the 2nd December 2021, the results have not been updating. The Team is working on a solution to the current problem. In the meantime, the ratings are still being uploaded as per usaual. We regret any inconvenience whilst we try to resolve the results updating.

Sincerely, the Race Ratings Team..

3rd August 2012


Over the last few years we have seen a return to the "overlay" style betting methods and more and more punters strive to find "value". This word, "value", has been bandied around for many years and whilst most pundits appear to understand what value is, few are actually able to put it in play. In the long term view, backing runners at under their true chance in the race will almost certainly provide "pain and misery for most punters" but how do we assess the "true chance" of the runners. This can only be done with accurate pricing of each runner in the race, not just the top 4-5 chances, ALL runners must be considered as the small percentages add up and have an impact on the overall pricing of the race. In the past we at RaceRatings have not concerned ourselves greatly with the actual pricing but more the Rated Order of the runners and then allowed the prices offered to determine whether we invest or not. This strategy has proved successful but many clients have requested that we re-visit our view on pricing and over the last 12 months we have done that and believe we now have a far more accurate pricing structure in place that reflects runners true chance in the race. Much of this is mathematical and given the "weakness" showed by many bookmakers and corporate bookmakers we have structured our pricing to reflect that weakness and price our runners to find the overlays. In recent weeks there have been some massive results where runners rated short and won at big prices.
This does not alter the overall strategy of primarily looking at the orange band runners but does bring into play the opportunity to back other runners rated close and that are available at big prices.

4th Feb 2011

Sum of Dividends displayed with results

'Results w Divies' has been added to the menu displayed down the left-hand side of the screen.
This option will display the sum of the dividends for each 'Rater' eg;

(Rated 1) is the sum of the dividends for all Top Rated winners.
(Rated 2) is the sum of the dividends for all Second Rated winners.
(Rated 3) is the sum of the dividends for all Third Rated winners which qualify by Starting Price.
(Rated 4) is the sum of the dividends for all Fourth Rated winners which qualify by Starting Price.

The dividend totals will give you an approximate idea of how you would have fared on the day.

28th May 2009

Pop-Up advice of changes/updates

Once you have loaded the ratings, a pop-up will appear every time the ratings are updated. You should only receive the message once, however, don't forget that each time the ratings are updated, you should receive the message again.

This pop-up is designed to let you know that ratings have been changed or new races have been uploaded. The easiest way to check the changes is to click on the 'Recent Updates' link in the menu located at the left of screen. If you find you are still receiving the message when the ratings have not changed since the last time you checked please let us know and we will check the code. In the meantime, clicking on the 'Today' link should RESET the pop-up message.

Here are some of the reasons you will receive the pop-up;

Track Condition Change
Late Scratchings
Meeting Uploaded

As New Zealand meetings generally start before any other meetings, we most often load them first, followed by Australian East Coast meetings, then Western Australian meetings followed by Hong Kong meetings.

28th April 2009

A Black Book comment has been included in the Race day sheets, indicated by the Blackbook graphic. By hovering the mouse over this graphic, you can view the comment made by our analysis team.

In some races there may be several runners in the race with a BlackBook Comment. These comments do not always apply to runners in highly rated positions. There have been several instances where runners have BlackBook Comments and they have not rated but have won. This will invariably occur as many components of form analysis are factored in before the final ratings are produced.

Blackbook in Field

28th April 2009

The Betting Strategy page has been updated. To view the latest Betting Strategy, please choose the link from the menu on the left or click here.