Betting Strategy

In past years ratings have been uploaded after scratchings on Race day generally a couple of hours before jump time of the 1st betting race, by this time markets have consolidated and "any overs" have already been taken in the preceding day or days.

Race Ratings will now provide preliminary ratings at least 1 day before race day giving members the opportunity to take advantage of the opening corporate markets; these ratings have taken all factors into account including anticipated track conditions and possible scratchings. On race day the ratings we be reloaded after scratchings.

Race numbers will be streamlined to value orientated fields. History has shown us that fields with less than 10 runners tend to favour runners at the short end of the market, this is acceptable IF betting single selections but very difficult to get a result with multiple selections being invested. With this in mind and after reviewing past years the Race Ratings strategy has been re assessed and the following is suggested.

1 When top rated runner is rated at $2.50 or shorter, the strike rate of these runners is above average, in cases where rated price is $2.00 or shorter, the strike rate is well above average.
2 If races with less than 10 runners are posted, these races will be earmarked for a Single Bet Selection assuming the top rated runner is rated $2.50 or shorter.
3 With races that have 10 runners or more, multiple selections are still viable isolating the top 4 rated runners for consideration. IF the top rated runner is rated less than $3.00 in these big fields again the strike rate is above average and can be considered for a Single Bet Selection.


We have updated the Bet Categories as follows:

Standard Betting Race The top 4 rated runners can be considered Market prices will determine if any value is available Min price required $4.00 (Multiple Bet option)
Attack Betting Race The top rated selection is a stand alone bet IF price minimum of $3.00 is met. (Single Bet Option)
Value Betting Race Favoured market runners are considered a risk Value selections in the Top 4 rated runners minimum price required $5.00 (Multiple Bet option)

Display of races

Races with 10 runners or more that have Top rated Runner marked at $3.00 or less highlighted in green. These selections can be considered for Attack betting races IF minimum price of $3.00 is available. In races where Top rated runners have Black Book comment, this will be highlighted. Races that are marked as Value Betting Races will have the "Value Selections" highlighted (Please Note: This may include a runner/runners that have a Black Book comment BUT not rated in Top 4) - Race Day Ratings Printout

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