Frequently Asked Questions

Why shouldnt I invest on runners under $3.00

Statistically, the strike rate of runners in this price range needs to be above 40% to sustain a profit margin over a period of time. Given that favourites strike rate is approximately 28%, statistics are simply not in favour of betting these runners. This is not to say that you cannot win betting these runners, however, statistics should beat you over time.

I only like backing one horse in a race!

With RaceRatings you can apply whatever betting strategy you feel most comfortable with, the Betting strategy that the RaceRating team suggests is one that has a proven track record over a long period of time but is by no means the only method that works with the ratings. With the top rated selection having a strike rate of approximately 24% and an average dividend of approximately $5.80 in the qualified betting races, betting just the Top rated runner is a betting strategy that will be commplimented by the ratings.

Can I bet in every race?

Yes, with RaceRatings we provide the ratings for every race run at meetings covered by any of the National TABs and will also have available in the New year, ratings for New Zealand and Hong Kong racing. Over the years we have identified certain classes and field types that are not a profitable betting propositions and is the reason that we "Qualify" the recommended betting races. Having said that, there is no reason that the ratings cannot be used with confidence in races that are listed as "Non betting" races, it is simply a Betting strategy that we recommend to achieve the best possible results. We have several clients that have had exceptional results betting in Maiden races.

Can the ratings be used for Exotic Betting?

Yes, we have many clients that exclusively bet the various forms of Exotics using the top 6 rated runners as a base for developing the bet.